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The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Historical Society was organized in 1982 for the purpose of collecting, organizing, preserving, and sharing information and material relating to the L&N, its predecessors and its successors. At its zenith, the L&N was a 6,000-mile railroad system that served 13 states. The railroad was economically strong throughout its lifetime, operating both freight and passenger trains in a manner that earned it the nickname, The Old Reliable.  The society is a non-profit educational organization, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and functions strictly with volunteer members serving as officers.

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Featured Photo

This was taken at Louisville, KY on April 24, 1965 by Tom Smart. The original slide is part of the Dan Dover collection, and Dan was kind enough to share this one as well as a large number of other L&N shots with the L&NHS for scanning. This is a rather unusual occurrence. The every-other-day Chicago-Miami "South Wind" was normally powered by pooled Atlantic Coast Line or Pennsy E-units. The L&N only provided motive power in the case of an emergency (engine trouble, for example). The previous day, either the ACL or Pennsy units handling the northbound train had problems on the L&N portion between Montgomery and Louisville, so an E7-E6 duo replace them. Now, L&N Es 771-760 are back from the Windy City with the southbound "Wind." The train is curving off Pennsy's Ohio River lift bridge at Clagg Tower. Next stop: Union Station. L&N's mechanical wizards at South Louisville have probably fixed whatever was wrong with the Pennsy or ACL power, so the two L&N units will be swapped out during the station stop.
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