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The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Historical Society was organized in 1982 for the purpose of collecting, organizing, preserving, and sharing information and material relating to the L&N, its predecessors and its successors. At its zenith, the L&N was a 6,000-mile railroad system that served 13 states. The railroad was economically strong throughout its lifetime, operating both freight and passenger trains in a manner that earned it the nickname, The Old Reliable.  The society is a non-profit educational organization, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and functions strictly with volunteer members serving as officers.

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Featured Photo

It's the first Saturday in May, 1963, and action at the 10th Street Roundhouse serving Louisville Union Station has heated up considerably as the annual "Run for the Roses" at Churchill Downs nears that afternoon. In addition to the more typical set of E-units at the fuel racks beside the crew building, one of the L&N's five Alco FPA-2s is on the point of one set of power, while an FP7 (with more E-units visible in the distance behind it) and a pair of boiler-equipped RS-3s and a GP7 are on the next tracks over. That year, Chateaugay won the Derby. He was later sold to Japanese interests and retired to a breeding farm in Japan, where he lived until 1985. If you're a horse, life's good if you win the Derby. And while passenger train service to the Derby had fallen off some by '63, It remained fairly strong throughout the decade. In 2015 as in 1963, patrons still come to Louisville by train every year to see the Kentucky Derby. (Tom Smart Photo)
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