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The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Historical Society was organized in 1982 for the purpose of collecting, organizing, preserving, and sharing information and material relating to the L&N, its predecessors and its successors. At its zenith, the L&N was a 6,000-mile railroad system that served 13 states. The railroad was economically strong throughout its lifetime, operating both freight and passenger trains in a manner that earned it the nickname, The Old Reliable.  The society is a non-profit educational organization, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and functions strictly with volunteer members serving as officers.

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Featured Photo

It's the spring of 1953, and the mechanical department guys at South Louisville are checking under the long hood of GP7 512--one of several GP7s that came from the builder with an 1100-gallon water tank, signal lines, and a steam generator for passenger service. To the far left is SW9 number 2296 and Alco FA2 358--which probably worked into Louisville via the Lebanon Branch from Corbin. After the 512 is F7 847, which has been on the active duty roster for two and half years by this time. And finally, steam isn't quite dead on the L&N just yet; a "Big Emma" 2-8-4 is lurking in the background. The big engines operated into and out of Louisville via the "Short Line" from DeCoursey. M-1s were also authorized on the Lebanon Branch from Corbin.
(Jack Fravert Photo)
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